sometimes we stay with someone who isn’t good for us because we want to be good for them. sometimes we stay because they make us feel good and needed and purposeful. sometimes we stay because we don’t know how to leave, or we’re too afraid of what leaving will feel like. 

it’s okay though, I feel you. 

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I want a baby, I feel like I would make a great mother. 🙈

Too Real: Class of 2013


I just realized that i will be graduatingin a few months. Its the greatest feeling ever, and to the person that has been here since last year has guided me into the right deriction, which of coures is my girlfriend Yesenia Gonzalez. We will both be graduting this year, and we both have decided…


guess it was just a sign from above.


needing a presence to vent to, but I look to the the left..still no one. *sigh. this blows.